Why Choose USC for Public Administration?

When it is time to choose a school for your graduate degree program in Public Administration, you need to make a careful and calculated decision. The University of Southern California prides itself on a comprehensive and in-depth curriculum that has been shaped by industry leaders, successful alumni input, and complex research at market trends. Check out what makes this program stand out from the rest and then explore your opportunities with USC’s online degree courses.

Research That Matters in the Real World

At USC’s Sol Price School of Public Policy, students are introduced to a wide range of groups and individuals that could provide a gateway to greater academic or career success. For instance, the Master’s degree in Public Administration with USC Online is a treasure trove of materials and market research from various sources. Students will be working within the administrative field, while also collaborating with marketing, criminal justice, economics and sciences, and more. This interdisciplinary approach helps the University of Southern California stand out from the rest, and is a grand indicator of the reputation and prestige that the school has managed to maintain for years.

Collaborations That Lead to Careers

Speaking of interconnected subjects and disciplines, the Public Administration

Can Online Dating Be Used As a Form of Therapy?

dvSounds pretty absurd, doesn’t it? But what if you turned this idea on its head? What if instead of seeing online dating as an obstacle, you used it as an opportunity?

Dating Can Feel Hopeless

Any of us who’ve ever used online dating to find a relationship know that it can be both frustrating and overwhelming to try and sift through the endless other people out there searching.

First, the weird profiles. Then, the disappointing dates. Sometimes, you even end up with what you feel like is a great date but then he never calls again or it fizzles after a while or maybe you even considered it a relationship but now it’s over.

So, you give up. “Forget it,” you tell yourself. “Online dating is not working. It’s never gonna work. I’ll be alone the rest of my life.”

Doesn’t that sound so familiar? Any of us who’ve experienced dating online have definitely been there.

Dating as Therapy

But just as therapy gives people tools to help them relieve or heal a disorder, so too can the process of dating (when done in the right manner) be a tool to

What Makes an Online Dating Profile Attractive?

vNowadays, if you’re single, you’ve probably got at least one online dating profile out there. Consider some or all of these tips to increase your profile’s attraction.

Love Your Pictures

Ensure your pictures are gorgeous because YOU are gorgeous! Even if you don’t think you’re very photogenic, you don’t want your pictures to sell you short.

Go sign up for a photoshoot in a beautiful location near you. Sites like Living Social and Groupon always have highly discounted sessions by professional local photographers.

If you don’t love the pictures in your profile, don’t be surprised when you’re receiving very few messages or responses.

Head Shot is a Must

Make sure you have at least one or more pictures that show your beautiful face clearly. If you don’t like any pictures you currently have, make it a priority to get some nice ones taken of you.

Updated Pics

Try not to post pictures from more than 2 years ago – especially if you’ve gained or lost weight since then. Both men and women often complain that the person who showed up is not the person they saw in the photos. Bait and switch

How Do You Know A Good Dating Site?

AVWith dating online continuing to get popular among singles, many are still wondering what sites are best to join. This is especially considering that it is no longer a secret that there are sites that are not genuine and are only structured to defraud users. When your mind is made up and you want to join a dating site, it is very important that you sign up with a site that has your best interests at heart. But what really makes a good dating site?

Reasonable rates – The truth is that not many dating sites offer the services for free. Sure, you will be able to access a good portion of the site free of charge when you sign up, but you might need to pay a fee to have certain important features unlocked for you. This is acceptable, but you should never be charged heftily for such. Look at the fees and make comparisons so you know when you are being overcharged. Stick to a dating site that has reasonable fee terms and be sure to make comparisons so you are able to

How Do You Maintain Confidence When Dating Online

dvThere are so many things that can make you lose confidence and composure when dating online yet you really need this to go all the way and find what you are looking for. Fortunately, when you know what you want and you are not afraid of plunging right into it, then your chances of becoming successful are increased. You just have to learn to maintain your confidence and it will reflect in your profile and talks making a huge difference for you.

Love yourself

Whether you are a man or a woman looking for love online, you must learn to start loving yourself. Accept how you are physically and love yourself even for the unique features you might have naturally. Never work too hard to hide what you are usually not comfortable with because the right person will love you for you. Loving yourself means taking those full body shots and uploading them without worrying about one thing or another. Let approaches be based on what other singles, find attractive in you and not what you think is attractive.

Don’t take rejections too personally

Online dating is two

5 Tips to Get Started With Online Dating

dvFor anyone new to online dating, it is essential to put in the time and effort to find a safe and relevant dating site while also providing the well written profile. Here are several important steps to get started with online dating:

Identify a preferred dating service

The online dating services are now in their thousands with sites eager to attract the attention of users of all interests. Before signing up to a particular site it is important to figure out what you want and need. Plus, there is the option to use either paid or free services. But, it usually benefits to use one of the popular sites in your niche to help increase the change of attracting a potential partner.

Use a safe and reputable service

Once you have compiled a short list of the most promising dating services make sure to give the sites a further check to make sure your data will be kept secure. Use online reviews or personal recommendations to find the perfect site before entering all of your personal information.

Write the perfect profile

One of the most difficult parts of using an

How To Find A Partner On Interracial Dating Sites?

vWe all know that interracial dating sites have played a pivotal role in the growing trend of multi – race dating in the United States. The number of interracial relationships has grown in the recent years, thanks to the growing openness among people to connect with individuals outside their race. However, despite the amazing platform that these dating sites provide, a lot of people fail to find a partner. For those looking to find the perfect partner but have failed to get any success so far, the following tips would certainly be of some help:

· Design an irresistible profile: An irresistible profile that grabs the attention of users is critical if you’re looking to make a great initial impression. Always have a clear and high quality profile picture and ensure you have plenty of details that give the other person a clear idea of what you are and whether you match his / her expectations. In addition, we suggest you add a few pictures to the photo album as it would help in making the right kind of impact on other users.

· Making an

How Long Should I Wait Before Meeting My Online Date for the First Time?

avThere is no sense in communicating with someone endlessly, talking on the phone for hours and days, if you can just as easily do so in person to find out if you like each other.

Therefore, you should try to meet up with someone you’re interested in as soon as possible. In other words, within 2 weeks of striking up conversation.

This prevents several things.

Don’t Waste Your Time

First, it prevents you from wasting your time on someone with whom you have no chemistry. Let’s say you spend several days and even weeks texting, or otherwise communicating with each other, not in person.

Let’s say you finally meet, and – woops! – there’s no chemistry there for you. Talk about a let down! Here you’ve built up this person, thinking your first date would culminate in fireworks, because of how fun it was to chat back and forth.

Instead, he was a dud, and you realize now that you aren’t very much interested in communicating with him going forward. Next!

Who Is This Person, Anyway?

Another reason why communicating too much before a first date is bad is because you don’t

5 Reasons You Haven’t Found Your Soulmate Through That Dating App Yet

dsvFace it. The real reason you can’t find your soulmate through that dating app is because you’re using it wrong. Clearly you must not be clicking on the right button, otherwise Mr. Right would have appeared by now!

Just kidding. But seriously. Maybe you ARE using it wrong. Not, like, functions-wise. I’m sure your pictures are beautiful and your bio is clever and informative. But what if you’re not really taking it seriously? Maybe you believe the hype that dating apps are causing a dating “apocalypse?”

The truth is that the dating app is just another tool you can use on the path to finding a healthy, loving relationship. And an arguably very useful one at that.

Consider that if you find yourself doing any of the following 5 things, you might be blocking yourself from finding your soulmate:

1. You’re not being honest with your dates about what you’re looking for in relationship. Too many times I’ve heard people give the advice that women shouldn’t reveal off the bat if they’re looking for a committed, monogamous relationship.

But, why not? It’s not like you have to tell him

Millionaire Match Ranks First on Rich Men Dating Sites Lists

fdbhRegarded as the segment leader, Millionaire Match is one site that hasn’t been dethroned since its inception in 2001. The website not only boasts of an impressive set of communication features but also support options that help users make the most of services offered. Here are a few reasons that make MillionaireMatch.com the number one millionaire dating site currently available on the market.

Affordability: According to industry experts, cost of membership is one of the primary concerns among people looking to join a dating site. With premium membership starting from $35 per month, this is certainly one of the most reasonably priced websites on the market. On the other hand, you’d have access to more premium websites such as SeekingMillionaire.com that are considerably expensive in comparison to the former. It is also worth noting that this site offers amazing bang for your buck and you’d never be disappointed with the services offered.

Availability of options: The only reason why you’ve joined a millionaire dating site is to communicate with like-minded people. What’s the point of joining a website that doesn’t have top notch communication options

Do’s and Don’ts of Using Online Dating Sites

vThe internet makes it possible for people to connect with other like-minded individuals who have similar needs and interests. But it can be quite daunting when first starting out. Here are several important dos and don’ts that should be followed when looking to join one of the online dating sites:


Try to get to know the potential date as much as possible via email communication before any in person meeting takes place. A well written profile should include enough information to get started with a conversation, even for the more introvert or shy type.

If a profile picture isn’t clear or appears out of date it might be because the person has something to hide. Make sure to ask for an up-to-date photo before getting too involved or moving on to a face-to-face meeting.

Be honest when writing up the profile or answering questions in a dating questionnaire. Try to think of things that make you unique or stand out, while also including your likes and dislikes. But, don’t be too honest and avoid giving out too much personal information such as your home address or phone

Finding the Right Dating Site

dvvThe online dating sites have the ability to target nearly every niche or market imaginable. Whatever the needs, wants, or desires, there is certain to be a relevant dating site to join in your effort to find a partner. With an estimate 9 million dating services available online it is important to take the right action to shortlist the most promising sites. Here are several steps to help find the best dating service:

Type of relationship

One of the first points to consider is the preferred type of relationship. This can vary from the casual dating to building a friendship or companionship, or it could be something that could lead to a serious relationship. Other choices include the no strings attached adult dating sites. Because the target audience various so much between the different sites it is important to use a site that matches your relationship interests.

Making a list what you want or expect from a mate or a relationship is certain to help simplify the process. Certain points to consider include things like location, having similar interests, certain height, intelligence level, having a certain income,

As It Happened – Relationship Status Investigation

vSometimes I wonder if technologies have helped us in making our life simpler or it has made it more complicated. Whether social media and social applications are meant to bring us closer to one another or to drift us apart? What do you need to know about an individual before you start giving your trust to them? Do you think if you talk to people once in a month, chat with them on WhatsApp every day and meet them once or twice in a year, is enough to trust them? If your answer is yes, then read further.

It was Friday night at around 11 PM when I received numerous messages on my WhatsApp from my friend, Sheetal Katkar, asking me to investigate about and get some information about Dronesh Mishra, who is based out of Nagpur. I was feeling very sleepy and at that point of time, I didn’t even care to read the entire text.

I know Sheetal for last 12 years. We might not be best of the buddies but we know enough about each other to fit into the definition of friendship.

Meeting Bisexual Men and Women Is Now Easy Thanks to Bisexual Dating Sites

vThere was a time when bisexuality wasn’t even considered a legitimate sexual orientation. However, over the years, people started considering the bisexual society as real and authentic. This trend eventually gave rise to the concept of online bisexual dating sites, which would provide a platform where people from all walks of life could connect with each other, explore their sexuality and find a compatible partner.

What do bisexual dating offer that conventional dating doesn’t?

Bisexual dating sites seem to have completely eliminated the hardships that bisexual singles had to face. For instance, these sites made it possible for them to connect with like-minded singles from across the globe without having to explain their sexuality or sexual preferences. Given the fact that such websites are dominated with people with similar interests, finding a person who understands you isn’t a herculean task.

Here are a few other benefits of bisexual dating sites:

• More people to connect with: It goes without saying that online dating platforms have more users than what you’d be able to connect with in the real world. As a matter of fact, this is one of

5 Ways Old School Dating Rules Lead To Online Dating Success

avRemember the old days when you and a posse of your best girl friends would put on your heels and go to a bar or disco to meet men? You would position yourself center of the room, scan the prospects and choose your targets. In today’s dating world our brains have become so tech focused that we wonder if we have lost the art of dating and meeting men. We knew some things back in the disco days and these important old school dating rules can guide us to online dating success.

Today’s apps are the bars and discos of our past
Our perfect perch on the bar stool was the online profile picture of today. Scanning the room then is just like looking through profiles now. Today’s swipe left or right or is no different from turning our bar stool or our shoulder to invite or cut off conversation or leaving with a handful of business cards. The advantage that we had then was that we could get a better sense of chemistry, something that is hard to know looking at a two-dimensional

Perils of Online Dating 101: 20 Something Boys

v1. Exposed

If my best friend and I had a dollar for every time a guy whipped out his penis on the first date with no rhyme or reason, we would have like six dollars. That’s way too many dollars. Boys — because lets face it, you can’t be called men — let me be very clear. THIS IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT. Just because you muster up the courage to give me a big wet one, does not mean your newly founded confidence boost is somehow a justification for your unforgivable lack of self-control. A sweet kiss goodnight from me does not mean un-zipping your pants is the logical next move. Why? Are you a sexual predator — frantically exposing him self to young children at the park? Are you that desperate for someone other than yourself to take a look? No, I really do not want to touch it. I really don’t and frankly never will want to touch it, because Alan — this will be our very last encounter. You so desperately needed me to drive you to your car that was parked “so

Rules For Online Dating

dsvOnline dating isn’t like real dating. When you meet someone online, it’s not like meeting them at a bar. You get all the facts beforehand and this is great if you’re a curious person. So, if you want to find a boyfriend or girlfriend through online dating, follow these rules. They may very well help you.

1. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

The number one rule of online dating is making sure your pictures are really YOU. Using a stock photo or a picture of someone who looks like you isn’t fair. The same goes for pictures that are outdated. If you post a picture that’s from 1990 when you were 100 lbs and 24 years old, that’s not smart. You want to give yourself a fair shot at meeting someone so choose pictures that show the real you!

2. No Interviews Please

If you want your date to enjoy talking to you, don’t make the date feel like an interview. Make the conversation flow and you’ll have more fun. If you fire questions at your date, he will most likely be intimidated. So remember to smile

How to Get More Matches on Tinder

dvTinder has changed how online dating by taking the hassle out of using a desktop to mobile devices that can be used anywhere. It’s great for reaching out to people in your area. The great thing about Tinder is that it’s quick. You download the app, upload some pictures then get to swiping. Unfortunately not everyone is as successful as others. Sometimes its an easy fix, while other times it’s almost impossible.

When I started using Tinder I was a bit reluctant. Most people used it to find people to hook up with. This actually hurt my chances of getting a match. The girls I matched expected me to harass them until they agreed on a date. Knowing that I always tried to show my personality early on.

I’m not the funniest guy, best looking or muscular. This is what most guys think will get them a match. Believe me it isn’t true. To start getting matches you have to first realize that every person who looks at your profile picture is a possible match. All you have to do is present yourself accordingly and the

Dating Profile Picture – Making Them Look Great

sbAs the old say goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” If you are registering at various online dating websites, you want to have a picture that will stand out and call attention to your profile. You want to make that person who is reading your profile to think, “I want to meet this person.” In order to get that kind of response you have to have a great profile and a great headshot to put on that profile. There may even be room on your profile to post other pictures so you want some that are flattering. If you do not have any flattering photos you can visit a profile picture photographer to have your pictures done, but do not go and have glamour shots taken.

These are the pictures where you will have a makeover, get your hair fixed, and put on clothes that does not even match your personality or profile. When all is said and done the photos do not even look like you. Yes, you look beautiful but if you post it on your dating profile as your profile

Strange Hookup Attempts

sdvYou have probably all had similar experiences. As you are active online on numerous types of social media, someone gets in touch with you with strange hookup attempts.

How Do You Deal With This?

I admit I am a born skeptic. I was raised to be kind, but scammers try to take advantage of this type of good upbringing. There could, of course, be legitimate reasons for people to get in touch with me, but all attempts I have seen so far have been futile in the sense that they were scammers, and therefore a complete waste of time.

Trust Your Gut Feeling

People wouldn’t normally get in touch with you unless you had mutual friends or were specifically recommended to get in touch with you. Be quick to ask the relevant questions so you avoid wasting time on people who will only hurt you.

If people are honest, they will understand this initial check of their background. They will see you don’t want to waste energy on people who aren’t worth your time and effort, and you should rely fully on your gut feeling from the beginning.

Legitimate Contacts